Oscar and Gio

After trying previously with two other agencies and not being able to sell our home a couple years back we decided to pull it off the market and lay low. So out of the blue we were referred by a close group of friends and Ron Arnold’s agency and how they get the job done. The very first time we sat down with Ron he had brought a 3 ring binder with data and analytics about the current, past and where the market is headed and how confident he can sell our home in 3 months. My wife and I were blown away and signed with his team. His wife Sue came next and staged our home and arranged the camera crew to come in and got it ready to open on the market. Within the first few days we had an offer and a back up offer and opened escrow. We were ecstatic because this did not happen the first time we went through this and we shocked it happened so fast. Then the covid-19 hit and we fell out of escrow on both offers. The way things were happening around the state we figured it’s going to be awhile for this to blow over and selling our home was going to probably be nonexistent. Then we had another offer during the crisis and opened escrow again. It was a 30 day escrow but ended up being a 3 week escrow so we had to move fast. Ron and Sue jumped on it and had a list of homes to see amid this crisis and we found our forever home that day. Ron did his magic and we opened escrow the next day. He and Sue got the lender and escrow company to close on our purchase in 15 days! We basically closed concurrently on both homes. They were with us every step of the way, kept us informed and were diligent to get the job done and with integrity. If you go with Ron Arnold’s agency, you will be an extremely satisfied like my wife and I were. We would definitely go with them and extremely recommend them to help and sell and purchase your home.

Congratulations to our friends Oscar and Gio on their NEW HOME!!!
We are thankful to be able to help them with their transition from #uplandcalifornia to #jurapavalley and this is a story that you want to hear(!!!!)

We had the pleasure of meeting this family earlier this year through a friend. They had previously working with 2 other Real Estate agents to sell their home on Norwood Circle in Upland.. they worked with these agents for over a 1 year period—with no success. When we took over, we did our usual thing. We staged it, employed our normal pricing and marketing strategies. We had their home in Escrow with multiple backup offers within 2 weeks of putting it active for sale!

We then went on to search for their new home.
In this crazy time of the Corona Virus, this looked a little different than usual: but we donned our gloves 🧤 and our masks 😷, we caravanned in separate cars 🚗🚙, we did lots of calls & digital communicating 📱📱 and we found them THE PERFECT NEW HOME!

They are happily living in their new home with their extended family. Thankful for this wonderful blessing, and they are happy, comfortable & safe. Our hearts with their family today 💕

Glen Andrews

I have used Ron and Sue Arnold repeatedly – to sell 2 homes and buy 2 homes. Each occasion has been a wonderful experience as Ron and Sue truly make your needs their priority. Ron provides ALL of the research data you will ever need. Sue provided a wonderful touch with her classy staging of my last home sale. They both are honest hard-working agents who have your best interest at the center of everything they provide, even if it is to discourage you from making an unwise purchase decision and thus forfeiting their own financial gain. There are not many representatives in ANY field of work who will do that, but Ron/Sue are above all others in my opinion. I gladly would recommend (and have to several of my friends) Ron/Sue to anyone who needs real estate assistance. I am grateful to them for their dedication and servant’s heart and I am proud to call them my friends.

Greg and Falon Belleville

Belleville Family's Story

Greg and Falon are so special to us, we are thankful that they have trusted us to help them as they have made some major life decisions in the past year – and for their kind words about us!

Posted by Ron Arnold Team on Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Jack Woodman

First contacted Ron Arnold for a market valuation for our residence. We met and he shared his process with us. We were not going to sell for another 2 years but Ron gave us lots of information for when we decide to sell.  A opportunity arose to sell my father-in-laws property which was in a Trust.  My wife is the trustee of the Trust so we set up a meeting with Ron.

We were always kept in the loop at every phase of selling the property. When we had questions they were answered in a timely matter usually within a hour. We appreciated Ron and Sue’s input on what we had to repair or do to get the house ready for sale. I didn’t want to do somethings to the house but Ron and Sue explained why it would be best to do things to make the house more sellable but we never felt pressured to do the changes it was always our decision to do them. We were always told the truth when we had questions. We felt that our interest were always put ahead of Ron and his teams best interest. If you are thinking of selling your home I would highly recommend contacting Ron Arnold.

The Kruid Family

We LOVE THE ARNOLDS!! They are like family to us! This is the 2nd home Ron & Sue have helped us find! In 2010 right before we got married they found us the perfect starter home which we instantly fell in love with! After 9 amazing years in that home our family was majorly outgrowing it and we were in a desperate search for our forever home! The market is very different now then it was 9 years ago and despite our nervousness and discouragement Ron & Sue lived up to everything they promised and more! Whenever we had doubts or were weary of the process they were always there with a listening ear & heart giving us so much encouragement & hope! We love The Arnold’s deeply & cannot wait to grow old in our forever home!!! We cannot thank you guys enough for EVERYTHING you have done for us & our growing family! ~

Ben & Amy Gold

What it is like to work with the Ron Arnold Team – Ben

Our Team has been so thankful for the opportunity to work with great people in our community. Special thank you to Ben and his family, who have been such a joy to know in the past year!

Posted by Ron Arnold Team on Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Ben and Wilma Lee

When it came to sell our home of 40+ years we were very selective about who could represent us. We had an older home in a nice neighborhood and we wanted an agent that could help us obtain the best price for our home and would utilize a process that would better ensure as rapid a sale as possible. After considering several agents, Ron, his wife Sue and the Ron Arnold Team fit the bill perfectly. Our home was old and in fair condition, but had some deferred maintenance. We really didn’t know what was important to refurbish and what was not. During our interview with Ron, he explained the importance of return on investment, ROI, and that repairing or upgrading items in the home all have varying degrees of value in making a home more attractive to a buyer. Ron pointed out that many things we thought were important to the buyer would not be. Ron’s approach to selling a home is very compelling and was a major reason for us selecting his team to represent us. Ron’s comparative analysis of the house value was extensive and accurate. Ron has so much experience in the real estate business and has sold so many homes that we totally trusted his recommendations. An option we had was to sell the house “as is”, but we wanted to better ensure a quicker sale of the house plus it was important to us that the house be left in good condition. Here is where Ron’s working connections with a good contractor became a valuable asset. We had agreed with all of the improvement ROI items and had the contractor proceed with all of Ron and Sue’s recommended improvements. Then the magic began. Since we were living part time in Las Vegas, Ron provided guidance to the contractor and helped with the logistics of getting things done. It was relatively painless to get all the improvements completed in a short time. Then very quickly Ron and Sue’s stager transformed the house into an appealing must have property. Beautiful professional pictures and video were taken and a listing was placed with the MLS. The house showed very well and within a week of the being placed on the MSL, several offers were received. Ron helped us secure the best offer and had the second best offer as a backup. The escrow process went smoothly. During this whole period Ron’s team communicated well with us and kept us informed of the progress. We did most of the paper work via the computer which really made it easy to fill out forms and e-sign the documents. The house sold for a great price and most everything went according to how Ron and his team said it would. It was quite amazing. We wholeheartedly recommend Ron and his team. His expertise is second to none, his process for selling a home is spot on, and he represents only your best interest. Ron, Sue, and “The Ron Arnold Team” get the job done.

Jego Santos

Sue and Ron were the best real estate agents I could have asked for. They made my family feel at ease throughout the entire process, and were very honest and transparent during house hunting. They were always willing to answer our questions and played a key role in helping us get our family home! I would definitely recommend them!

Justin Christian

Robyn Lechuga

The Ron Arnold Team is absolutely amazing. Selling/buying a home can be a very stressful task and event in a person’s life. The Ron Arnold Team took all the stress away. Their dedication to selling my home went above and beyond. Ron and Sue Arnold along with other members of their team were there with me through every step of this journey. None of my questions through the process were left unanswered. They were thorough in making sure I knew what my options were and that I had a full understanding in everything that was happening. The Ron Arnold Team is truly the best in the business

Grantham Family

We were first time homebuyers and Ron and his team were very helpful to us throughout the process. We appreciated his patience with all of our many questions. We could tell right away Ron had a lot of experience in all phases of the home buying process and easily guided through a very foreign  process. Ron and his team had the perfect combination of experience and patience. I would recommend Ron and his team to anyone looking to buy a home.

The Carlson Family

So I’ve both bought a house and, seven years later, sold it – both times with Ron and his team. He’s got a feel for the market and a caring demeanor that makes for a powerful dynamo, he’s been in the business for a long time and has also accumulated during that time. In both buying, when he fought for the lowest price possible…to selling, where his skill got us back up to asking…I trust Ron and his team.

Damon Fung

I met Ron and Sue Arnold through Dave Ramsey’ radio show. They both are great people to work with when buying a house.  The reason why I said this because they are knowledgeable about the real estate industry.  They can answer many questions regarding from the process of owning a property to the tiny details of what to look for of a good house;  for example,  they will directly tell me to avoid buying a house in certain zones in the city because of high crime rates, the pros and cons of this particular unit,  the cost of putting down a tree,  the additional cost for adding one extra bedroom,  the comparative house price of the nearby area,  the regulations of the city,  the potential cost of buying a major fix up property,  and etc.  In addition,  they are the excellent sources to help the new owner to connect with people to do the job in case of home improvements needed. They have a vast networks of people doing everything of a house, from the electricians running the wires to the person painting the house. Furthermore,  they have an excellent supporting team to do the paper works;  they are highly efficient and effective. They are always available when Ron and Sue are on to something. They won’t let the client, like me, to wait without getting in touch with any of them. I am glad I chose them as my Realtor. They can give me piece of mind buying a safe nest for my family because of their expertise; client first and money second mental attitudes, professionalism,  knowledge,  and patience. As a person with experiences working with them, therefore,  I am here to highly recommend to use them when buying or selling real properties.